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Build Your Body Without Equipment: Bodyweight Leg Workout (Watch)

bodyweight leg workoutAh, leg workout. Gotta love it. Not. Any serious lifter will tell you this, leg day is a b#*ch. If you work out with any seriousness and intensity, you most likely hate leg day. Or at least it scares you. It tests everything you got. And everything that makes your reason for going to the gym.

And them legs hurt! Long after you’re done training. I don’t know who said, “Leg day. I make my legs my b#*ch for an hour, and they make me theirs for the next two days.” But she/he was right on.

The thing about legs, especially for men who love to lift heavy (yeah, we all suffer from a little bit of ego), training at home isn’t challenging enough. But it can still be done. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I’ve had to learn to train with minimal or no equipment.

In my search for new ways to work out I came across this bodyweight leg workout video. Yes, as the headline says, it’s effective. My legs really hurt after my first session, as though I had lifted.

Leg Workout: Why You Should Train Legs

There is a host of reasons as to why you should train legs regularly. But, briefly, they include:

  1. They are the biggest muscle group in your body. If they’re weak, you’re weak, however well your upper body is trained. Imagine for a moment there’s a fire and you have to carry someone to safety. You need strong legs.
  2. Strong legs can help reduce risk of injury.
  3. An intense leg workout helps release testosterone, which helps the rest of the body grow.
  4. Training legs increases metabolism and improves endurance.
  5. Strong legs are sexy.

So, don’t skip that leg day, okay? Learn to love the pain of an intense leg workout. It is worth it.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube video.

bodyweight leg workout
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