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Home Training: A Better Alternative to the Heavy Bag? Watch

At the time of this post, the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe. Home gym equipment is hard to get. Which has led me to seek ways of training at home without equipment or minimal equipment. One of my favorite gadgets in the gym is the heavy bag, which I now cannot access.

Those who’ve at least dubbed in boxing or the martial arts know how addictive the heavy bag can be. It can work out a sweat and give you a more intense workout than just running on a treadmill.

Yes, the heavy bag does have its drawbacks if you rely too heavily on it for self-defense training. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that it can make you feel like you’re tougher than you really are.

Disadvantages of the Heavy Bag

You see, the heavy bag is an easy target that doesn’t hit back and does little to improve eye-body coordination. This can lead to what is known as “lazy eyes”. I’ve had firsthand experience with this in a fight, when I repeatedly got hit on the head with what should have been easy punches to evade.

Also, when the bag swings, it is in a slow and predictable way. It’s easy to get around it, or away from it.

The heavy bag also presents greater resistance, which is good for power training but can lead to the habit of always throwing power punches. This can be a problem when facing an experienced opponent, as you’d be left in a vulnerable position if you miss.

Perhaps the biggest drawback with the heavy bag for home training is where to hang the darned thing. Space is a problem for most people, especially if you live in an apartment and/or with other people.

The Double End Bag

The double-end bag (link below video) is a versatile piece of equipment. For home training, it can be a great alternative to the heavy bag and has several advantages. And it helps improve hand speed, defense speed, timing, and punching accuracy. It also helps improve eye-body coordination.

And it’s much easier to mount, even in a small room. The double-end bag in the link below can be quickly mounted in a doorway. And removal is just as easy and quick.

Plus, the double-end bag works better than the heavy bag for certain types of strikes, as you shall see in the video below.

All the same, if you have access to the heavy bag, do continue to use it as it does help with power training as well as conditioning. Working it is also my favorite cardiovascular training, after lifting. Now let’s watch the video.

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