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Build Your Body Without Equipment: How to Train Arms (Watch)

At the time of this post, all gyms are closed in and around where I live, due to Coronavirus or Covid-19. Something I never expected to happen save for a major natural or man-made disaster. Which made start looking for ways to build one’s body without equipment. I came across a video that shows you how to train arms. If you’re in a rush you can simply scroll to the bottom of this post for the article.

I will be sharing posts on building your body and staying in shape in days you can’t go to the gym for any reason, including a pandemic outbreak, as I find them. The best thing is that these exercises can be done anywhere, anytime.

Training arms can be challenging, especially biceps (you can train triceps by simply doing pushups). Which is why I decided to start with this body part.

Side note: By “equipment” I mean weights and machines that you would find in a gym. Some exercise will require the use of things you can readily find at home, such as a towel.

I must confess, when Coronavirus hit, I was completely unprepared as far as my fitness goes. Embarrassing, for a health and fitness nerd like me. But I have avoided buying exercise equipment for my home for fear that they might make me lazy. I know a few people who have exercise equipment in their home but rarely use it. It’s like they’re just comfortable in the knowledge that it is there, and they can use it “any time”.

All the same, I’ve decided I should invest in a pair of dumbbells that are neither too heavy nor too light (like 35lbs). Only I can’t find them right now since apparently others thought ahead of me and bought them all out in readiness for the closures. I prefer rubber encased ones.

Whilst it is easy to do things like jumping rope, jumping jerks and burpees at home and build or maintain cardiovascular fitness, these exercises don’t do much to increase muscle mass or tone.

Okay, let’s now watch this video on how to train arms from home without weights or machines:

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