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burnout-90345_1920There comes a time when one has to take a break if only to maintain sanity. I’ve been running this blog, off and on, for a number of years. If it was the money that kept me going I’d have quit a long time ago. But I have a passion for natural health and fitness. Still, it has become overwhelming, hence my recent absence for a few weeks.

The headline does not accurately describe where I am. Yes, burnout is present. But there is also overwhelm along with other negative emotions. Just gathering energy and focus to write these few words took gargantuan effort. But it’s either I keep going, however slow, or stop altogether and move on to something else (and I have a thousand choices). I choose to keep going.

I must therefore dust myself off and start afresh. Yes, stumbles will come along the way. Energy will sometimes be low and fatigue high. But I choose to carry on. If I can give my readers something useful and valuable, my purpose will have been accomplished.

When is my next post? What will it be about? I don’t know. It may be a news or opinion post. It may be about a new fitness or nutrition trend. It may be about a certain supplement, new or not. Or something else altogether.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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