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Trending Technique Claims to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine

new fitness trendTwo techniques. One controversial. The other largely misunderstood. Now bundled together to make your body what is claimed to be a virtual fat burning machine. What are they? Does the new technique that bundles both work?

The first is intermittent fasting. Some swear by it. Others say it doesn’t work. And yet others say it may even be dangerous. As the name suggests, this is a diet that involves cycling periods of eating (a controlled number of calories) and periods fasting.

The second is hypnosis. The movies and tv shows, including reality tv, have caused many to have unrealistic notions about hypnosis. Many think of it as one person being totally under the spell and control of another, the hypnotized individual being made to do things like cluck like a chicken. It doesn’t work this way, but that’s a whole other topic.

Now intermittent fasting and hypnotherapy have been bundled together in what is quickly becoming a new fitness trend. Some call it an odd pairing. but we don’t think it’s that odd, as hypnosis has frequently been paired with other activities.

In fact, some studies the effectiveness have shown hypnosis as a stand-alone treatment to be inconclusive, but “useful” when combined with dietary and fitness strategies.

Can the “New” Technique Work for You?

Many fitness fads have come and gone. Could this technique work for you? Will it stand the test of time?

The only way to find out whether this new fitness trend will work for you is by trying it yourself. All the same, hypnosis may help you in sticking with the diet and staying motivated. The greatest challenge in any weight loss or fitness program is staying with it and remaining motivated. But does the other component, intermittent fasting, work?

Many experts warn us to proceed in caution before jumping on the intermittent fasting bandwagon. Proponents of intermittent fasting claim it has benefits for weight loss and metabolism, as well as other health benefits.

However, some experts caution that these claims are not backed by long-term research, and that intermittent fasting may even be dangerous.

All the same, available research suggests that intermittent fasting can result in some weight loss.

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Perhaps the biggest issue with intermittent fasting is sustainability. Many people find it extremely difficult to stick with it in the wrong run, due to the hunger experienced. Hypnosis could help curb or deal with food cravings.

Therefore, the new hypno-fasting technique is not without merit. It may help you lose weight, but it is not a quick fix.

In both cases – hypnosis and intermittent fasting – separately or together, you should only work with a certified or licensed professional.

As with anything else, the hypnosis and intermittent fasting technique may not work for everybody. (Some people can’t even be hypnotized.) As earlier mentioned, the only way to find out if it will work for you is by trying it.

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