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Eggs Recall Causes Price Spike

eggsOne commercial calls it “the incredible edible egg”. “I love eggs!”, says another. I believe both. I fact, they might as well have taken the second phrase from me (if only I’d thought of registering it). Which is why I couldn’t help a feeling of slight dismay as I noticed the prices of eggs were significantly higher. I suspected the usual culprit, a recall caused by contamination. Turns out I was right.

Over 200 million eggs were recently recalled due to suspected salmonella contamination. The eggs from Hyde County, N.C., were labeled under a number of brands. Now I know how something natural (as in, not manufactured) ends up being a brand name. It’s just a stamp. I’m sure they’d laugh when they hear someone say, “I only eat eggs from (brand name here)!”.

All the same, I know there are certain eggs I won’t touch. These usually come cheaper and have an unpleasant odor to them, especially when cooked. I prefer organic eggs although, like other foods, they too can be contaminated.

The latest recall is the largest since 2010 according to the Food Safety News website. You can check out the list of recalled eggs at the FDA website.

I know I will continue to eat eggs, because I love them, and because eggs are incredibly healthy. But I hate paying the higher prices. Wishing those affected a quick recovery, hoping there’s no and will not be any fatalities.

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