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Seriously, Shock Your Body into Shape?

Does electric shock therapy workout work?Is the magic bullet for getting into shape finally here? A new workout method involving electric shock therapy is all the buzz right now. Sounds scary, but still makes you want to know more. But does it work? First watch the following video then continue reading below:

Does the Shock Therapy Workout Work?

Indeed, the promise is enticing. Work out for only twenty minutes a day, two days a week. That’s all you need to get fit and get in great shape. Burn fat and build strength. The perfect answer for busy people, which happens to be most of us.

As the video explains, shock workout therapy involves getting jolts of electricity passed through your body as you exercise. It is not an easy way out, but if it can so drastically cut your workout times and days… well, who wouldn’t want that. But does it work?

Actually, electrical stimulation for muscle building and fitness is not fiction. But a magic bullet it is not. You still need to do all the other things you’re supposed to do to stay physically (and mentally) fit. These include eating right, hydration, and getting adequate rest.

You’ve probably seen late night informercials for electrical abs trainers. Don’t expect to get six-pack abs from using these if you’re not following a healthy lifestyle. Overall fitness is required for that six-pack abs to show.

All the same, I wouldn’t count on developing a contest winning physique using shock therapy. And the cost isn’t cheap.

Safety is something else to consider. We would recommend working with a qualified professional when it comes to any kind of electrical stimulation and using only the highest quality equipment. Risk of shock, burns, bruising, skin irritation and pain is present. Nay, these have been reported.

Among legendary athletes said to have used electronic or electro muscle stimulation or (EMS) for building strength include Bruce Lee and Mohammad Ali.

Personally, I’ll stick to good old barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells, coupled with good old-fashioned running. Call me Neanderthal if you like.

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