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Really, Can Earrings Help You Lose Weight?

do weight loss earrings workA gym body without going to the gym? Enticing even for gym rats, but fortunately most of them know better. The no-diet-no-exercise weight loss is rarely without the latest gizmo or fad. Can recent earrings for weight loss help actually help you lose weight or are they just another fad?

The plethora of products that promise to give one an edge in certain high-interest pursuits will only continue to rise. These pursuits include weight loss, muscle building, and sexual performance. Scams around these interests abound, and hardly a day goes without a new pill or gizmo appearing on the lucrative market.

Interestingly, it is not just the those seeking a lazy way out that get scammed. As mentioned, it is anyone seeking an edge in their area of interest, including gym rats.

Indeed, it is tempting. After all, who wouldn’t like to wrap something around their belly and then go about their business and, after only a few days, have a flat belly or even six-pack abs?

Back to earrings for weight loss, do they work? Well, these were recently featured on a popular health television show. And no, it wasn’t Doctor Oz.

Earrings are ornaments worn across many cultures and, in modern times, across the genders. It is not surprising, then, that a claim about earrings aiding weight loss has piqued interest. However, these are not earrings in the jewelry sense. Nor are they “magnetic earrings” whose efficacy has been questioned.

These are, according to Doctors TV show host, crystal” earrings that are strategically placed at certain spots around your ears. They are believed to help with metabolism, stress reduction, and appetite suppression. Watch video below:

Video: Earrings for Weight Loss?

So, Can Weight Loss Earrings Help You Lose Weight?

The weight loss earrings, according to the video, work in a similar way as acupuncture. Like acupuncture needles, the earrings are placed in certain points known as meridian points. Unlike acupuncture, where needles are placed at certain points on the body, the weight loss earrings are placed on certain points around the outer ear.

Ear acupuncture therapy is not entirely new. It is based in the theory that the outer ear represents all the body parts. (More or less like acupressure, where the hands are supposed to do the same.) According to a 2013 article published on WebMD that was based on a study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine, ear acupuncture “may hold promise for weight loss”.[1]

Acupuncture is believed to influence certain hormones that have been linked to weight gain and obesity. Though anecdotal reports point toward its effectiveness, scientific evidence is conflicting.

All the same, like “traditional” acupuncture therapy, ear acupuncture therapy should only be done by a qualified practitioner. There may even be a risk of overdoing it thus draining the “life energy” linked to the benefits, as well as risk of infection.


[1] WebMD: Ear Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight Loss

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