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Deal of the Day: SoundPEATS Sweatproof Wireless Headset with Mic

SoundPEATS Sweatproof Wireless Headset with MicRegular price: $59.99

Deal Price: $19.49

You save: $30.50 (61%)

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SoundPEATS Sweatproof Wireless Headset Features

Sweatproof wireless (also called cordless or Bluetooth) headphones are becoming popular among fitness enthusiasts and are one of the best gifts for the fitness buff. The SoundPEATS wireless headset with mic is designed to eliminate a number of known problems with headphones.

Here’s what you get with these headphones:

  • Comfortable and lightweight: The neckband is lightweight (4.58 ounces) and styled to fit body contours for optimal comfort. Whether you’re running, cycling, lifting, or whichever activity you’re engaged in, these headphones are made for easy carrying all day long and feel “like nothing”. And they are sweatproof.
  • Cordless: No more worrying about dangling cords or wires, which can sometimes get in the way and accidentally get plucked out of your ear(s).
  • Great sound: The SoundPEATS earbuds are noise-cancelling technology, so background noise is cut out. The sound quality is great.
  • Extra earbuds in different sizes: Find the size that fits you best. You can easily and quickly switch from one pair of earbuds to another. The earbuds are made for comfort.
  • Long-lasting usage: Up to 10 hours of music and 240 hours of standby time on two hours of charging.

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