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These Sweatproof Vi A.I. Fitness Tracker Headphones with Heart Rate and Real Time Audio Coaching Leave Others in The Dust

Vi sweatproof wireless headphonesEarphones, also known as headphones or earbuds, haven’t changed much over the years. That is, besides making then fit better in your ears and, of course, making them wireless. However, recently there have been a number of innovative changes and additions to the good old earphones, especially for the fitness buff. Like the new sweatproof Vi headphones with audio coaching and fitness tracker.

For the fitness enthusiast, these headphones have the most of useful features you want and then some. Back to this in a moment.

In our previous post on gifts for the fitness buffs, it was only natural that we include sweatproof, wireless headphones. Naturally too, we included a fitness tracker. The two, headphones and fitness trackers, have become almost a part and parcel of the workout for many a fitness fan. What if you can get the two in one?

These is what these new smart headphones do, and more. The Vi A.I headphones are earphones, fitness tracker, and virtual personal trainer, all in one. If others are “smart headphones” then we might call these extra-smart.

Vi A.I. Fitness Tracker Headphones Features

Back to the features, with the new Vi headphones you get all the things that come with modern headphones. Only that even these have been improved upon and even more useful features added.

For example, many headphones are now designed to stay in your ears as you move during your workout. The Vi A.I headphones improve on this by having fins around the earbuds to ensure a snug fitting while also being comfortable.

Vi also comes with a fitness tracker that measures heart rate, motion, acceleration, elevation, and even location, among other things. Not only that but, you also get a virtual coach who will offer advice and insights including your progress, once you and the her get “acquainted”. You can even get real time audio feedback just by asking “how am I doing?”.

Did we mention that the headphones are also sweatproof? Plus, there are no annoying cords swaying or getting in the way, and the neck band is designed to fit well and not to bounce or slip while you’re running.

The all-day battery life also ensures hours of listening to your favorite music and your Vi coach without worrying about the wireless headphones dying on you.

All This Sounds Good, How About the Sound Quality?

Of course, the best-looking, most comfortable smart headphones would be worthless if the sound quality is poor. So, how do the Vi A.I headphones stack out?

Well, there are two sounds to consider the quality of; one is the quality the music (or radio) and the other is the voice of the voice coach. Premium sound by Harman Kardon ensures that you get crisp and clear sound on both. The voice coach sounds like a real human voice.

Getting Vi A.I Fitness Tracker Headphones

At the time of this post, Amazon is offering a $50 off the regular price of the Vi A.I headphones. This is a limited time offer and may no longer be there depending on when you read this post, so please check them out now. This product makes a great gift for the fitness buff.

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