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26-Year-Old Champion Bodybuilder Dies from Apparent Choking

Dallas McCarver

Instagram: @dallasmccarver

An old African proverb says the mightiest of men fall from (slipping on) a little corn cob. Super-fit, super-buff, huge and strong bodybuilder Dallas McCarver sadly recently died of, apparently and of all causes, choking from food. (Quick note: Cause of death was not yet confirmed as at time of this post).

26-year-old McCarver rose to fame in 2011 when he won the when he placed first in the NPC Hub City Fitness Quest Junior Heavyweight category. The man was what you can call huge, at 6 feet 1 inch in height, and nearly 300 pounds most of it muscle.

McCarver is said to have been dating WWE star Dana Brooke. She said she had spoken to him earlier and he had told her he was about to make dinner.

The previous day, Monday, McCarver is reported to have worked out in the gym and seemed to be doing just fine, with no signs of any medical issues. Tuesday, just after midnight, he was found unconscious and transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. No foul play is suspected, and neither is self-harm.

However, some reports say that he had been taking insulin. The medicine usually treats diabetes, but some bodybuilders use it to enhance muscle building.

Could the use of the drug have caused or contributed to his death? We can only find out after the forensic report.

Now, McCarver’s death is sad; our deepest condolences and prayers to his family. But there are lessons and reflections in his untimely death for the rest of us.

One lesson is the shortness of life. McCarver was only 26, with still a lot of life still ahead of him. Every day is a gift. And we should appreciate it as such.

McCarver was the epitome of youthful energy, strength, vitality, health, fitness… you name it. If indeed he died from choking, without other attributing causes, it is a lesson in our feebleness no matter how strong and healthy we think we are. What if it’s the drug(s) that killed him?

If he died from insulin and/or other anabolic drug, it says something about the get-it-by-any-means mind-set we have been taught is the way achieving our goals and desires. Even healthy goals need be pursued via healthy means and attitude. I won’t to go into the dangers of performance or strength-enhancing drug.

Again, our sincerest condolences to the family of Dallas McCarver. May he rest in peace.

You can read the story in more detail on TMZ.

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