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After Years of Struggle She Finally Lost Weight Following a Customized DNA Program (Watch)

Before and after customized DNA fitness programAnyone who has struggled with weight knows just how agonizing it can be. You do everything right. Exercise, diet, and everything in between, and still the fat just won’t come off. Or stay off. If was the that way for Daysha Edewi. Until she tried a customized DNA program. Watch this video:

It’s not like Daysha, whose story was appeared on recently, was doing anything wrong to begin with. This is where it goes from frustrating to exasperating for some of us.

You see, people tend to blame those who are overweight for causing their own plight. People tend to believe that you’re overweight because you eat too much, don’t eat healthy, don’t exercise, or a combination of all the above and anything in between.

And Daysha had to deal with this. Yet she was exercising and eating healthy. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy working out and eating healthy, because I do.”, she said, adding “I love cooking healthy meals and I dance four to five times per week. I have always been frustrated with why it’s so hard for me to lose weight.”

Daysha, unlike most people, understands the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Her goal is to is to lose fat, not just get skinny. She understands that skinny does not always mean healthy. Daysha says she wants to be thick and healthy.

After trying everything she could to lose fat without success, Daysha started to believe that her problem was probably genetic. As it turns out, her guts were right.

With the help of Doctor Dan Reardon, CEO and cofounder of, Daysha started a new fitness and diet regimen based on her DNA profile. The program she was put on has a few surprises even for some experienced fitness experts.

For example, who knew that the time of the day you exercise can influence your fitness and weight loss results? And, this is an individual thing.

While Daysha previously was eating healthy, her new customized DNA diet is what she calls “real deal healthy”. The routine involves some psychological training as well.

So,did it work?

Well, in just 30 days, Daysha she lost 11 pounds overall, and 8 pounds of fat. And she felt great, “like such a different person”.

If you’re interested in getting into the customized DNA fitness program, you can get 20 percent off when you go through Just go to Use the promo BUZZFEED. The offer will not last forever, so please don’t send us hate mail if you find it’s no longer there.

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