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Most Shredded Girl in The World: Eleonora Dobrinina Has 0 Percent Fat!

Eleonora Dobrinina has 0 percent fatThe most shredded people you see in the bodybuilding or fitness contests usually have single digit percentage body fat. A healthy body fat, according the American Council on Exercise, is below 24 percent. With 13 percent body fat or less, your six pack abs will show. But 0 percent fat?

Female bodybuilder, Eleonora Dobrinina, is so lean it’s ridiculous. 0 percent fat means she has absolutely no fat, or at least no measurable fat. Watch video below:

Dobrinina is so ripped that she has caused a debate as to whether she is even healthy. Being that fat plays an important role in our health, I too can’t help but to wonder if 0% body fat is healthy.

You see, it is not fat itself that makes us unhealthy, but the amount of fat we carry. The body uses fat to store energy to use when food is scarce. The body also uses fat as a source of heat. Fat also regulates certain vitamins.

Some say Dobrinina may be toying with the line between hot and dangerous.

Indeed, the quest for a shredded body has led some to go to dangerous lengths. Like one 40-year old man whose regimen included hours in the gym, nutritional supplements and steroids including insulin, which can be dangerous for a non-diabetic. (See: The deadly crusade to get ripped).

There is also the question of sustainability of such low body fat. How does she even do it? All she would need, perhaps, is a calorie or two more and she would no longer be at zero percent. What does she have to go through to maintain it? She must be counting calories down to the decimal point. I’m already getting stressed just thinking of it.

The bodybuilder’s nationality too seems to be debatable. Reports we thought credible say that she is Russian living in Canada.

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