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Bizarre New Trend: Ladies Putting Wasp Nests in Their Vagina

wasp nestsRidiculous, that was my first thought. Then it was quickly replaced by bizarre. Now I think it’s both. Another word among several others would be “ridiculous”. Really, put wasp nests in the vagina? I don’t have one, but just the thought makes me cringe. What are the (supposed) benefits? Should you do it?

The temptation is indeed great to sum it all up in one word, balderdash. But let’s look at the topic a little further.

The whole thing is so ridiculous that one cannot help but wonder, is this more fake news?

Perhaps not, as some reputable health news sites are talking about it.

I never thought I’d ever use the v-word on this blog, and certainly not in the headline. And certainly not in the headline. Not that the there is anything wrong with the word; it’s the correct and appropriate term for that part of the female anatomy.

But when I stumbled on this, I couldn’t help thinking “WHF?!” Back to wasp nest “treatment”.

Wasp Nests or Oak Galls

According to reports going around the web, women are buying ground wasp nests, and then inserting them in their vaginas. This is supposed to be an all-natural treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Some reports say it’s oak galls – tree deformities caused by wasp nests – that are also being used. Either, or both, really doesn’t matter. What matters is the efficacy, if any, of the treatment.

Still, it appears that the common denominator, wasp nests or oak galls, is the wasp. What is it about this particular insect? I’m yet to find an answer to that.

The ground wasp nests or oak galls are supposed to do improve vaginal muscle tone, thus making it tighter. Other supposed benefits include improving hormonal balance, orgasms, and even chi. The treatment is also said to clean out the vagina. As usual with pseudoscientific treatments, everything but the kitchen. So, what do doctors have to say about it?

Most if not all doctors are warning women against the practice. It simply has no basis in science and could end up doing harm. The bottom line is, don’t put foreign objects in your vagina – beyond sanitary stuff – without consulting your doctor.

I can imagine a mama wasp coming home with food for her still metamorphosing young ones, only to find the home gone. On its way into a female homo sapiens’ private orifice. As soon as she (the wasp) rebuilds, chances are, the new home will be gone as well. Poor little creature.

Since perhaps the beginning of mankind, many pseudoscientific practices have come and gone. This one may not be the most bizarre, but it sure is one of them. One cannot help but ask, what next?

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