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Watch: 98-Year-Old Grandma Keeps the Doctor Away with Yoga

98-year-old yoga teacherYou’ve probably heard the phrase “bent out of shape”. It means to be angry or agitated. Well, one woman who is almost a century old bends herself into shape, and not just emotionally. 98-year-old Nanammal Amma, a yoga teacher, epitomizes health, strength, and flexibility. Watch video below:

The nonagenarian from Tamil Nadu, India, credits her longevity to yoga. And she has a bold promise for anyone who follows her yoga classes;

“Whoever learns yoga from me stays in good health. They will live as long as 100 years without any disease,” she says.

While she has not yet made it to 100 herself – she’s just about 2 years shy at the time of this post – her health claim is not entirely baseless. She has never been to a doctor. She treats herself with yoga and home remedies.

She reminds me of the story of a martial arts master, Gichin Funakoshi, who is credited to founding the Shotokan style of karate.

At the time of writing his autobiography, Funakoshi was almost 90 years old. Yet he had never been to a doctor, nor had he ever received even one injection in his life. His body, as he asserted, was so well trained that it repelled any form of disease.

Yoga health benefits include increased muscle tone, strength and flexibility, as well as improved respiration, energy and vitality. Of course, it must be coupled with a sensible lifestyle which includes a healthy diet. Remember also that physical health generally influences emotional health and vice versa.

The 98-year-old grandmother (or is she a great grandmother) is winning hearts and followers on the internet.

You can read a more detailed post about the nonagenarian yoga teacher at The Quint website.

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