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21-Year-Old Girl with Eating Disorder Proves You Don’t Have to Suffer to Look Great

21-year-old Bethia WeeOh, how sometimes we make ourselves suffer to look good. Not all of us want to compete in fitness or bodybuilding championships. I know I don’t. Some of us just want to look darn good. I know I do. But what we often have to go through for it! One 21-year-old girl over-did it, and now she tells her story.

Meet Bethia Wee. This vibrant 21-year-old girl has done it all, for looks and health. And then some. Like many of us who shun mediocrity and have passion, she fell into a trap and vicious cycle that leads to state of diminishing returns. Or even ruin.

Like most people, Wee made a common mistake people make when trying to look good and be healthy. What is it?

Simple, obsession. Especially about weight loss.

You see, the media has led (misled is a better word) many people to believe that weight loss is the key to fitness, good health and looks. Wee fell into that trap.

Wee, who at one time was a physique champion, pursued a healthy lifestyle with single-minded passion. She didn’t realize it when she crossed over to the dark side.

She became obsessed with working out, on what she ate, and how much. While many of us know that your body needs rest days during the week (at least one day) to recuperate and recharge… well she did take some days off, a whole four days in a full year!

“So in a way, I never let my body rest for a whole year and my training then was one-and-a-half to two hours a day”, she says. She adds;

“If I went out to eat my family, I would weigh out the amount of rice, the amount of chicken and everything and if I saw the food was greasy, I would use water to wash the meat.”

In the end, Wee had lost so much weight she wasn’t healthy. In her own words, she “was getting very skinny and very unhealthy”. This is not uncommon with people caught in this cycle. In a previous post, a fitness model who had lost weight in similar fashion but was shamed on social media for changing her ways and attaining a healthy weight.

Today, the 21-year-old Bethia Wee looks great. She works out in a healthy way, letting her body take a needed rest, and does not even count calories. She simply follows a healthy, clean-eating diet, and even eats things she likes. And she looks great, without suffering for it.

Not only is Wee physically healthier, but psychologically as well. She has freed herself from a form of mental prison. And she is much happier for it. Wee now teaches her followers the right way to a healthy lifestyle.

You can read a more detailed post about the 21-year-old at website.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brian

    April 28, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Wow, this is definitely amazing! I was never much of a fan if it goes to women bodybuilding, but hats off to this girl for all the hard work she put. Especially with eating disorder – it truly proves, that if you want to – you can change! It’s all up to you.


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