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Dream It Do It: Her Weight Loss Journey Inspires Many on Social Media

Social media weight loss sensationThe name Rizza Jane Robles Paragas may not ring a bell. That is, unless you regularly hang around social media health and fitness circles. This is because whilst she’s becoming an inspiration to many a netizen, she is as regular as me or you (perhaps). Her weight loss journey is currently trending on social media.

You see, TV shows such as The biggest Loser have caused many people out there to have unrealistic expectations on how fast they can lose weight. They don’t get that the participants lose the weight while under a closely monitored environment that cannot be replicated in real life.

Still on The Biggest Loser, I also don’t like it that the person who experiences most difficulty losing, and therefore needs most help, gets booted out. And the reason for their struggle is usually not because they did not try as hard as others. Back to Rizza Jane Robles Paragas. From here on we shall call Rizza for brevity. And to pretend we know her.

Her story has gone viral on social media, perhaps because it is from real life unlike what one might see on TV shows or weight loss ads.

Rizza weighed 100kg, which translates to about 220lbs, back in 2012. Typically, that’s a lot of weight for any girl, leave alone one of small stature like Rizza is. She had the usual problems that come with it, including bullying. She had difficulties getting men to like her (where were all those me who claim to love big beautiful women aka BBW?).

Rizza had tried losing weight (losing fat is the better term) sometimes with detrimental results. As some of us know from experience it can be hard to lose weight even on a diet and exercise program. But today, netizens are amazed by her transformation. What changed?

Well, Rizza acted on a new Facebook trend that challenges to post different pictures of themselves in the past five years and compare how they’ve changed over the years. Her almost dramatic transformation caught netizens’ attention.

As to how she lost so much weight in a relatively short time, she says she took some extreme measures, and doesn’t recommend trying it. But as you can see in her picture above, the transformation is… well, amazing. She says she found a special someone. Not surprising.

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