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70-Year-Old Woman Fitness Freak Knocks Decades Off Her Age

70-year-old bodybuilder Peggy HilbertThe fountain of eternal youth still eludes mankind. But while we are waiting for it to hopefully be found someday soon, or for science to create a pill to keep us younger longer, some taking the old, tried and true route. Like 70-year-old Peggy Hilbert.

The inspiring – or should I say challenging – senior has knocked decades off her age. She has the looks and the energy to go with it. Her secret?

Well, it’s just good old exercise. More specifically, weight training. Peggy works as a fitness trainer and aerobics instructor. And she looks the part. The 70-year-old senior has been a fitness fanatic since the age of 32. Is that young or old?

As they say, you’re as old as you feel, and she has chosen to feel young.

You see, at 32 your body is already mature. Building muscle, though not hard as for someone in the 50s, is not as easy as when one is their 20s. I know this because I started lifting consistently at 32. I did build quite some muscle. And if complements are something to go by (I shunned competition), I looked great.

But I had to burst ass (excuse the term) just to gain a few pounds of muscle and a few inches in the right places. With (concealed) envy I watched my younger counterparts grow like crazy while working half as hard I did. But this isn’t about me.

If you’re over 30 you may feel your best fitness are over, particularly when it comes to building muscle. After all, many who claim to have started around that age usually have some fitness background and even what is known as “muscle memory”. But there’s hope.

In a previous post, we featured an 80-year-old grandma bodybuilder who defies stereotypes. She had never picked up as much dumbbell until after 70. Back to Peggy Hilbert.

Spurred by her husband who unfortunately died tragically after a battle with ASL, the 70-year-old Peggy Hilbert has knocked decades off her age by lifting. The 70 years “young” enjoyed running in her 20s and 30s but never picked up weight training before her 50s.

She says she now feels younger than ever. She enjoys taking walks and her diet consists of six small meals spread through the day. Now, where have I heard that before… oh yes, in the bodybuilding circles.

Video: This 70-Year-Old Health Freak Can Give You Serious Fitness Goals

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