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Flossing Your Teeth: A Waste Of Time? (Watch)

Toothbrush, with floss and towelsYou will hear this advice from virtually anyone, expert and non-expert alike; floss your teeth to prevent gum disease. But a new report suggests that this advice may not be entirely accurate. And my personal experience somewhat bears this out. Back to that in a moment, first watch this video:

It appears like flossing is not all that it has been touted to be. But does that mean you should toss your floss?

So, Should You Floss Your Teeth Or Not?

Battling with a serious case of gum disease, I’ve only know one thing; it wasn’t because of my dental hygiene. So you would perhaps understand why I’ve felt like slapping my dentist hard across the face for asking me question, “Do you floss?” Or a variation of it.

But what makes that question even more irritating is the way it is asked with an “I know you don’t” attitude.

My guts always told me that my problem wasn’t about flossing or lack of it. It appears my guts not far off the mark. All the same, it is not that simple, as even my flossing “experience” has had some twists and turns.

In my personal experience, flossing teeth does help maintain good oral health. Of course, it must be combined with a good way of teeth-brushing and perhaps even a couple other things.

Yet, having lived in certain parts of the world where floss and toothpaste are virtually unknown, yet most of the people enjoy good oral health tells me it is not an absolute necessity. But, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had some mixed experiences with it.

Once, a certain periodontist showed me how to properly brush teeth. He also showed me the “right” way to floss, plus use rubber tips and interdental brushes. To my relief, my gums stopped flaring up like they used to. This combo is also what finally slowed down the disease.

Later I changed dentists (courtesy of a change in dental insurance). The new guy, after accusing me of not flossing, or flossing properly, showed me a different way to do it. I started having problems again. I reverted to the way showed to me by the periodontist and, again, the health of my gums improved. But was it the end of my gum disease struggle?

Unfortunately, though, my struggle with periodontal disease continues to this day. All I know is that it has little to do with my flossing or lack of.

So, yes, in my experience flossing does help maintain good oral health. Plus, it helps get stuff off that brushing alone cannot. However, flossing it is not the be all and end all of oral hygiene.

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