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Hard To Lose Weight? This Protein May Be The Cause

weight loss frustrations 2A recent study seems to have zeroed in on a hitherto unknown reason for weight loss frustrations. And it has nothing to do with what or how much you eat, nor is it about exercise or lack of. It may also provide the answer as to why the more weight you gain the harder it seems to lose.

There have been findings as to the reasons it is hard to lose fat. These include hormones, individual response to diet, and even sleep. And they are all legitimate as they are supported by science. But a new study seems to found on a whole different cause for fat loss challenges.

Researchers at University of Cambridge, UK, and Toho University, Japan, have discovered a protein that inhibits fat burning. In the report is published in the journal Nature Communications, having a certain gene that produced this protein, known as sLR11, inhibits thermogenesis (the burning of fat through heat production).

Conversely, the researchers found that lack of this gene — therefore lack of this protein — may make it far more difficult to gain weight. Perhaps this explains why some people can eat all they want and not gain an ounce?

The greater the amount of this protein in humans, the higher the amounts of fat stored was found. Interestingly, obese Patients who had undergone a type of surgery that resulted in lower levels of sLR11 lost weight in proportion to the reduction of the protein.

With more than one third of adults in the US considered overweight or obese,[1] could this be the key to bringing these numbers down? Perhaps it’s the long-awaited key to finally lose those stubborn love handles? Only time can tell, once scientists find a way to create a drug or supplement that inhibits sLR11.

You can read the detailed report at by clicking here.


[1] NIDDK: Overweight and Obesity Statistics

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