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Can’t Lose Weight? This May Be The Reason

Why can't you lose weight?You healthy and observe portion control. Perhaps you follow a “proven” weight loss system. You count calories and follow recommendations to the letter. But that gut just won’t go away. And this seems to happen to you as you know people on the same diet and it is working for them. What is the problem?

According to a recent study, it may not be your fault. Nor the fault of the diet or system per se. The healthy food, or just a component of it, may actually be the cause for your weight loss frustrations. How?

It comes down to this, what is healthy for one person may not necessarily be healthy for the next, even of similar age and gender. Also, a presumably healthy ingredient in your food can be a problem.

The study done Israel involving 800 and published in the journal Cell Press, indicates that a one-size-fits-all approach to fat loss is fundamentally flawed. This may explain why many popular diets do not work the same way for each person, and why sometimes they do not work at all.

Participants wore blood monitors that took blood measurements every five minutes. None of them had diabetes, but some of them were obese. They also provided stool samples for gut microbes analysis.

The researchers were astounded by the differences in metabolic rate on different people on the same exact diet.

Even more surprising was how an individual’s body responded to certain types of food. For instance, One woman’s blood sugar spiked higher after eating sushi than after eating ice cream. For another participant, the problem was something considered healthy; tomatoes.

It was found that gut microbes too played a role in this as well. Not entirely surprising, as studies indicate a link between probiotics and weight management.

Also not surprising is that blood sugar, and therefore the insulin, plays a role in weight loss challenges. In a previous post, we looked at some reasons why it is often so hard to lose belly fat. Insulin and/or other hormones play an important in this and fat loss in general.

Could a personalized nutritional approach, perhaps based on one’s intestinal flora, be the key to success in the fat loss battle? Only time can tell.

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