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Watch: Can A Balloon In Your Belly Help You Lose Weight?

They sometimes call it “ballooning” when one put on the weight too fast. What if an internal balloon can actually help deflate your external balloon? It is being referred to as a form of non-invasive gastric bypass, as it does not involve going under the knife. Some are calling it a “gastric balloon” or “balloon pill”.

It involves inserting a fluid-filled balloon in your stomach, which takes up some room so you fill full and eat less. Watch this video:

As the obesity epidemic continues with no end in sight, expect to hear about new weight loss diets, drugs, supplements, and procedures. Plus a few fads and a scams. But I couldn’t help asking, what happens once the device is out? Won’t the person begin to overeat again at a certain point?

Apparently, one does not go back to their old eating habits right away, or the study does not show this. The study was a small one, involving only eight people, over a short period of time. But if it does indeed make it easier to jumpstart a lifestyle change, it might just be worth it.

A similar procedure was featured in The Drs show a few years ago. The difference with this new one, it appears, is that the “balloon pill” deflates on its own and then you pass it out, while in the older procedure it had to be removed by a healthcare professional.

At the time of this post, the new procedure is not yet approved by the FDA and is therefore unavailable in the US. As for me, no thank you.

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