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Watch: Red Meat As Bad As Tobacco?

Red meat carcinogen?

That “healthy” sandwich you brought to work for lunch may end up killing you. So could the stuff many of us love to eat for breakfast, such as sausage and bacon. According to World Health Organization (WHO), eating these is virtually the same as smoking cigarettes. If you are guessing that this is about processed foods, you are only half right.

Processed meats, according to a report from the WHO, may increase risk of colon cancer. According to the report, so does red meat. Watch this video:

Minimizing processed foods in your diet may be a good thing, but some processed foods may actually be good for you.

Vegetarians are getting smug in the social media circles. But should you cut out red meat from your diet, or even become vegetarian/vegan?

Well, this is a personal decision. Some people avoid red meat, mainly due to its high saturated fat content, and the (inaccurate) link to raised cholesterol levels. But I personally will continue enjoying my steak and beef or goat stew because 1) it tastes good and 2) it provides certain nutrients the body needs, especially for muscle building.

For many cultures in Africa and elsewhere, red meat is a regular inclusion on the dinner table, and even other meals. Yet colon cancer is not all that prevalent. Sorry, I don’t have a statistic on this.

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