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Watch: Study Shows Calcium Supplements Not Good For Your Bones

calcium-pills-smI have said this before and I will say it again. Study results on nutritional supplements are only consistent in their inconsistencies. What may have been good for you yesterday may become worthless or even bad for you today. Take calcium supplements for instance.

At one time calcium supplements were being prescribed by virtually every healthcare professional for bone health, especially for older adults for prevention of bone fractures or osteoporosis. Another time it were said to work better when accompanied by other nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D or magnesium.

Then calcium went from being good for you to actually bad for you, when some experts claimed that it may actually increase risk of heart disease and kidney stones. A recent study now indicates that taking in more calcium, whether through food or supplements, does not lower risk of bone fractures. Watch video below:

So, to take or not to take calcium supplements? The experts assert that you need not toss out your calcium pills. This is our opinion as well, as yet another study may show that these supplements may actually be good for you, and because calcium toxicity risk is low unless you take copious amounts of supplements.

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