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Kourtney Kardashian’s Waist Training And Weight Loss Secret

Kourtney KardashianYou may like them or dislike them. But you can’t ignore them. They are the Kardashians, and famous for being famous. Virtually anything about them is news that the media feeds on with a frenzy of hungry sharks. One of them is right now receiving all the media attention. And no it’s not the notorious Kim. Neither is it Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner.

No sectet or suspense here, youu already know from the headline that this is Kourtney Kardashian we are talking about. She is reported to have lost 45 pounds about 3 months after giving birth to her third child. Her secret?

Not the Atkins Diet that that was credited for helping her sister Kim Kardashian after she having gained 200 pounds while pregnant, not too long ago. Kourtney credits her fat loss success to an organic diet and yoga exercises. We know, doesn’t sound magical, but if works, it never is. Even the Kardashians live in the real world.

Kourtney also reportedly broke up with boyfriend Scott Disick, something that typically causes many people to spiral downward and make bad health choices. Good thing, she has chosen to focus on something positive.

However there have been conflicting reports, with some the opining that she may be going too far and causing concern to the family. The pounds are falling off, but not in a healthy way, they say. This is contrary to reports on how great she looked, as she “flashed her toned legs” in a New York Fashion Week event. Which one is true? Perhaps time will tell.

(Source: Celebrity Health and Fitness)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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