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Now To Eat Carbs For A Healthier, Trimmer You

Eat carbs and lose weightLike fat, carbohydrates (or carbs) have been demonized as the enemy when it comes to bodyweight. Eating them is supposed to make the scale point north when you step on it. However, carb are not the enemy. You not only should eat carbs; your body needs them for fuel.

Avoiding carbs altogether is not easy, or even possible. For one, they tend to come with foods our palates love. Bread, pasta, French fries, rice and more. Temptation and natural cravings sooner than later makes one fall off the low-carb diet.

Secondly, carbs are found an array of different types of (healthy) food including fruits and vegetables.

Eat Carbs, Stay Healthy, And Lose Fat

Yes, you can eat carbs and lose fat. In a previous post, we talked about natural carb blockers that may help mitigate the fat storing effects of carbohydrates. You can eat carbs without expanding your waistline, even without carb blockers. The trick is two-fold:

1. Types of carbs you choose.

2. Watching your portions

It used to be easy to classify carbs when it was just about simple or complex carbs. With entrance of the glycemic index (GI), things got a lot more complicated. Some foods previously considered healthy carb sources became… not so much so. Just what is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index may be defined as “a measurement carried out on carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar.”[1] This is important in that insulin, which is released after you eat carbs has great influence on the way you body utilizes carbs.

Short of carrying a glycemic index card with you all the time, it is not easy to keep tabs on this glycemic thing. Better to just keep things simple and know what to eat or what to avoid.

I came across a post that I think offers good tips for us mere mortals. Some of the pointers offered are as follows:

  • Portion control: This depends on your body type and lifestyle.
  • Slow is better: Simple carbs are digested quickly, while complex carbs are digested slowly. You want to go with the latter most of the time. Simple carbs are not necessarily bad for you (fruits provide simple carbs, for example).
  • Eat your fruits and veggies: Drinking fruit or vegetable juice is not the same as eating fruit or vegetables!

You can read the full Carbs Not The Enemy article on the Daily News website.



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