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Stop Counting Calories And Start A High Fat Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean omega-3 dietAccording to some health “experts” fat is supposed to be bad for you. A TV fitness “expert” was once quoted as saying, “If you eat fat you will gain fat, period.” Yet this is not entirely true. One of the most known of healthy diets out there, the Mediterranean diet, is not low-fat.

Let’s face it, calorie counting is no fun. And it may not even be necessary. The most important thing when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight is to eat right for your body type, age, gender, and lifestyle.

The latter, lifestyle, is important as two people of relatively similar body types may have differing caloric needs depending on, say, physical activity. Likewise, two physically active people may have different dietary needs. A sprinter typically needs different diet from a long-distance runner, yet they are both runners. But I digress.

According to recent findings, you should stop counting calories and pay more attention to the nutritional value of the food you eat. The Mediterranean diet is said to be good for your heart and even your brain. Yet, it runs counter to the largely accepted dietary “wisdom” in that it is relatively high in fat and calories.

Obesity was never an epidemic until the latter part of the twentieth century, has continued into the twenty first century, and is expected to continue rising. Yet, as one expert asserts, our grandparents (make that great or even great grandparents depending on your present age) never needed to count calories to stay lean.

Granted, they were much more physically active than we are in this day and age of cars, computers, microwaves, smartphones and other technological conveniences. But the real culprit of our weight gain issues lies in our dietary choices, including the so-called low fat or low calorie diets.

The Mediterranean diet incorporates whole fish, grains, fruits, vegetables, and a good dose of healthy fats, including olive oil. It is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which present a wide array of health benefits. The healthy fats and high-fiber content in this diet helps you feel fuller faster and longer, so you eat less.

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