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4 Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Difficult

Why it is difficult to lose weightWhy is losing weight so hard for most people? Conversely, why is gaining weight so easy? It can be extremely frustrating; following a sensible exercise and/or diet program to the T, but seeing little or no results. What gives?

It is true that using more calories in energy than you take in through food – the basis of most weight loss programs – may result in burning fat and therefore losing weight. But is it is not always as simple as that. Certain factors that are often out of your control may affect your ability to lose fat.

You already know your own lifestyle and habits. Therefore we shall not include diet and exercise (or lack of) in this post. Let’s now look at some reasons for fat loss frustrations.

1. Low resting metabolism: This means calories expended while resting. It is one of the reasons women typically experience greater difficulty in losing weight than men. Due to greater muscle mass, which helps burn calories while resting, men typically lose fat easier than women.[1] One way to increase your resting metabolic rate is to train with weights. And no ladies, this will not make you look like a man.

2. The hormone insulin: Not many people are aware of insulin’s influence on body weight. Low carb diets are popular because they work. They work by limiting the amount of insulin released into the system. Limiting insulin release even by modest amounts may help improve fat burning.[2] It is the reason carb control supplements are becoming popular. A condition known as insulin resistance can cause the body not to utilize insulin effectively, which can result in fat storage as well as other health complications including diabetes type 2.[3]

3. The hormone leptin: Another hormone that may have significant bearing on your ability to burn fat is leptin. This is the hormone that controls hunger and satiety feelings. Not only can this have an influence on the amounts of food you eat, it can send falls starvation signals to your body when dieting.[4] This may cause your metabolism to slow down, resulting in weight loss plateaus.

4. Stress and inadequate sleep: These two cause (increased) release of the hormone cortisol, yet another hormone that is linked to weight gain and fat storage especially around the abdominal area.[5] Not only that but, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when under stress.

Your hormones play a major role as far as your weight goes. If you don’t have them under control, weight loss becomes impossible. Check out hormonal weight loss supplements for natural solutions that could possible end your weight loss struggles.


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