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Omega-3 Supplements Could Help You Quit Smoking

Quit smokingYet another benefit to the litany of health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. According to a study conducted at University of Haifa, the essential fatty acids may also help curb nicotine cravings.

What’s interesting to note is that participants in the double-blind placebo study were not asked to stop smoking, nor were they informed that it would be a study on their smoking habits. This makes the findings even more credible.

A total of 48 participants aged between 18 and 45 were involved in the study, who smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day. They were divided in two groups, one receiving 2,710 mg of the fatty acid EPA per day and 2,040 mg of the fatty acid DHA per day, and the other receiving a placebo. DHA and EPA are two most important fatty acids in omega-3.

After 30 days, it was found that those who took omega-3 supplements had reduced their smoking by a significant margin. The cravings did not return to baseline values 30 days after discontinuing the treatment.

DHA and EPA fatty acids are obtained through animal sources of omega-3, particularly fish oil and krill oil. Plant sources supply a different type of fatty acid known as ALA.

Though you cannot depend on omega-3 supplements alone to quit smoking, every bit of help in reducing the cravings can… well, help. And you also get the other benefits of the fatty acids while at it. What if you already take the supplements and you smoke? Hmm…

You can read the story in more detail at the Huffington Post.

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