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High Protein Cookie: Now Snack Your Way to a Trimmer Body

Really, Eat Delicious Cookies Without All the Sugar and Carbs?

2 chocolate chip cookiesIf you have a mom or auntie who loves to bake, then you know what truly delicious cookies smell and taste like. My mouth waters just to think of it. For brevity, we shall just call them mom’s cookies.

There is one downside though, to mom’s cookies (and cookies in general). Even as their aroma caresses your nostrils, and every bite of one of them seems to taste better than the last, it still is an indulgence. You know that, more often than not, there is a price to pay sooner than later when you step on the scale. What if there was a way to eat as good cookies, while maintaining a trim waist and fit body?

Well, high protein cookies may be the answer. Plus, adding a cookie to your supplementation regimen offers a break from the old protein powders and bars. Protein is known to support fat burning and lean muscle growth. Therefore a protein cookie can help your fitness goals. If you can find a quality one.

The Problems with Most High Protein Cookies

There is a fundamental problem with virtually anything trying to mimic an old indulgency while staying healthy at the same time: it rarely works. High protein cookies are no exception attempts at baking your own often results in disaster in taste or texture or both. Some problems include:

  • They don’t look appetizing: words like “turd patties” have been used to describe their appearance.
  • While some recipes do not involve baking (they are served raw), this makes for a gooey and sticky cookie, if you can even call it a cookie. On the other hand, freezing it as some recipes advise makes it more of an ice-cream (and not a good one at that) than a cookie.
  • Not a good option for non-kitchen types, and they never really smell or taste like mom’s anyway.

Many have who have tried protein recipes that are not meat or vegetables have given up.

Another problem with making healthy cookies is that recipes often use whey protein powder. When whey is exposed to high heat, it can get denatured.[1] What you thought was a high protein cookie may end up doing you little or no good after all. Yet manufactured protein cookies do not fair much better.

Complaints about so-called healthy cookies include:

  • Unhealthy substitutes: To substitute for ingredients such as sugar, butter and eggs, some manufacturers use synthetic ingredients that may not be healthy.
  • Denatured proteins: These will do you little if any good.
  • Unhealthy fats: Some do contain trans fats that are not healthy.
  • Texture feels wrong: The texture is often not as you would expect in a real cookie (too hard or too soft).
  • Awful taste: Often they don’t really taste like real cookies, leave alone mom’s.

Hot tip: If a protein cookie seems to list too many ingredients that have scientific names, you may want to look elsewhere.

But enough of the gloom: a tasty, healthy cookie to exist.

What Makes a Good High Protein Cookie?

The good news is, a delicious cookie that also supports your goal of maintaining a healthy and fit body does exist. A quality protein cookie should have the following:

  • Taste great: You should want to eat it, a lot.
  • All natural: Only natural ingredients should be used.
  • Use only natural sweeteners: Only healthy natural sugar substitutes should be used.
  • No preservatives: While shelf-life is important, some synthetic preservatives do more harm than good to your body.

You might agree that finding a high quality healthy cookie with all the above aspects is not easy. We have found one that does. This high protein cookie is made with the finest ingredients including top quality protein blend. It is also gluten free as well as vegetarian friendly.


[1] Wikepedia: Whey protein

Information provided on this page is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor substitute advice from your healthcare professional. Consult a licensed medical practitioner before starting on a new supplement especially if you are pregnant, nursing, on medication, or have a medical condition.

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