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Kim Kardashian Sheds Baby Fat With The Atkins Diet: And Why It May Not Last

Atkins and KetosisShe was criticized for going north up to 200 pounds while pregnant (can’t someone catch a break even when her last name Kardashian?). Now she looks amazing, although she admits she still has some baby weight to go.

Kim says she wants to lose the extra pounds, and is succeeding at it, in her healthful way since she is nursing. Yes, Kim Kardashian nursing. How many women out there refuse to do this one most important aspect of nurturing, for fear of losing their “figure”? But that’s beside the point.

The point is what she is doing that seems to be working so well for her. Well, no big secret here, it is an old diet by the name Atkins. The Atkins diet is known the world over. Another celebrity said to have been on it is Rihanna. However, while it seems to be working so well for Kim, researchers at Harvard seem to think it might not last. Why?

Okay, it is not about Atkins diet per se. (And I know that Atkins actually works as I have witnessed some great results from it.) It is about ketogenic diets, of which Atkins is the most popular.

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diets are basically about high protein and low carbohydrates (carbs for short). They also happen to be high on fat, something that the Atkins diet has been criticized for. In fact, according to Wikipedia, ketogenic diets are about high fat, low carbs, and adequate proteins (emphasis mine).[1]

The ketogenic diet has been used for weight loss and for the management of epilepsy. It forces the body to burn fat around the clock, which can help prevent seizures although doctors don’t as yet know exactly how this works.[2] For dieters, the fat burning process is the attraction to this diet.

Why People Regain Weight When On Ketogenic Diets

It was previously thought that people regain weight while on the ketogenic diet because they did not stick to it. This is also referred to as “poor dietary compliance”. I’m sure many who have followed these diets to the T and then gained back the lost weight feel extremely frustrated. Such “compliance” criticism can only add to their chagrin.

The problem, it appears, is not compliance or lack of it. Harvard researchers now think that the culprit is something that many dieters, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts would like to get rid off in a hurry: cortisol. This is a hormone produced by the adrenal cortex that affects the metabolism of glucose, protein, and fats.[3] It can cause rapid fat accumulation as well as make it hard to lose fat.

In carefully controlled studies Harvard researchers demonstrated that on a ketogenic diet the levels of the hormone cortisol increase by 18%, and the levels of active thyroid hormone (T3) control metabolism decrease by 12%.

The effect of increased cortisol is to cause rapid fat accumulation, as any patient who has ever used prescription cortisol-like drugs knows.

Perhaps we need some form of cortisol blocker while on the Atkins diet and other ketogenic diets. I’m sure they will come up with some kind of solution to this problem now that they have uncovered it.

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