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Video: Healthy Egg White and Vegetable Egg Scramble Recipe

Egg and vegetable scrambleI love eggs. So I’m always looking out for egg recipes to add variety to basically the same thing I eat for breakfast virtually every day. And no, most of the things you have heard about eggs not being healthy for you are not based on facts. From the recreational athlete (bodybuilders included) to the professional, even coach potatoes, eggs can do you a lot of good.

Here’s a video about a healthy scrambled egg white and vegetables recipe. My brief input follows.


Personally, I prefer to separate my egg whites from whole eggs instead of buying the ready made varieties (and it’s cheaper). Bodybuilders and other athletes may want to use more eggs and vegetables than shown in the video.

While egg whites have been touted as the healthy way to eat eggs, adding one or two yolks – depending on how many you eat – is recommended. This is because the yolk contains several nutrients that help promote overall health, including choline which helps produce. Choline benefits include promoting neurotransmitter function, which can help with energy and focus.

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