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Fish Oil May Help Lower Stress and Protect Your Heart

Fish oil and heart healthYes, yet another benefit of fish oil. While fish oil, omega-3 fatty acids in particular, is known to offer cardiovascular benefits a new study has added a different angle to this: lowering of stress response. In today’s fast-paced, stress-filled world, the double-benefit of lowered stress response and the already known benefits of omega-3 for heart health is something we can only welcome.

In the study, 67 healthy volunteers were given either 9 grams of fish oil pills or a placebo (in this case olive oil) over a two month period. At the end, each was given an arithmetic problem to solve while their stress response was measured.

Those who took fish oil supplements for several weeks had a blunted response to mental stress in several measurements of cardiovascular health, including heart rate and muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA), part of the “fight or flight” response, compared to volunteers who took olive oil instead. – See more at: Michigan Tech News

As usual with similar studies, this one does not specify which type of fish oil supplement the subjects (for luck of a better term) took. Research has shown that while both omega-3 fatty acids obtained from fish oil (DHA and EPA) are beneficial, DHA offers most benefit for the body as well as brain.

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