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Video: Simple Way to Cut Calories and Keep a Healthy Nutrition

Indeed, the road to healthy weight loss can be a rocky one. Even after succeeding, assuming you succeed in the first place, keep that weight off is war with many battles. What if there are tips you can use that not only can work, but really simple and easy to follow?

In the video below Susan Bowerman, RD, has what may seem like commonsense tips to cutting the calories while keeping nutrition. Many times, simple works best. Her approach trashes the traditional food pyramid. Good thing, for many experts now believe that it belongs in the garbage can.

How to cut calories and keep the nutrition – Building a healthy diet

Beside diet, or eating habits for that matter, there other reasons it is so hard to lose weight. In fact, going on a diet can sometimes trigger certain mechanisms (if I should call them that) in your body that just work against you. One hormone, called leptin, is said to cause losing fat and keeping it off a losing battle. More on this in a future post.

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