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Now Avoid Green Coffee Bean Extract Scams: Video

Losing weight while eating what we like has been a dream if not a fantasy for many of us. Boy, do we envy those who seem to eat anything they want but can’t seem to gain an ounce in body fat. This is perhaps the main reason for all the excitement around green coffee bean extract: initial tests showed people losing weight without a change in lifestyle.

It all started after green coffee bean extract was featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show. People claimed to have lost up to a pound of bodyweight in a week. This may not seem miraculous, but it is actually great in that it both rapid without being unsafe. What was even more exciting was that they did not change their eating habits or lifestyle (they didn’t suddenly develop an interest in working out).

After this, health stores could not stock green coffee bean extract supplements fast enough. Seeing an opportunity to make a quick buck, scam supplements would soon appear especially online.

So, how do you avoid green coffee bean extract scams? How do you look for in a supplement? In the following video, Dr. Oz and Dr. Grey offer some insights.

We do not agree on the “buy local” advice offered by Dr. Oz. Why?

Well, first of all, a hot item just might not be available at your local health store. And if you ask the store guy or gal, they will simply push the store brand if they have one. Second of all, there is no difference between a given brand being sold at a store and the same brand being sold online. What matters is quality. And, as a matter of fact, certain online stores do offer better prices without scamming consumers (would Amazon, for instance, try to scam you?). What is the difference between a local GNC and an online GNC (except that one is local and the other is online)?

I personally can count the number of times I have actually bought a supplement at a brick-and-mortar establishment in the last decade, and they are pretty few. I just prefer to shop online (let my computer or mobile device do the walking for me).

Too, while Dr. Grey asserts that chloragenic acid may be found in other food sources, he doesn’t say anything about quantity. You may have to gorge on platefuls of those other sources to get the amount needed to lose fat.

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