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Suffer Migraines? These Supplements May Help

For migraine sufferers whose condition is genetic, there may just be hope. And this is not about a new drug. According to Australian researchers, certain nutrients may hold the key to reducing the frequency and severity of migraines.

Researchers from Griffith University are on the final phase of this study to determine the most effective vitamin B and folic acid dosage required to treat this debilitating condition.

They have recruited women aged between 18 and 65 who suffer at least four migraine episodes a year, as they are three times more likely than men to experience migraines.

Queensland researcher Bridget Maher said the remedy would help the 20 per cent of migraine sufferers whose condition is genetic.

“It basically reduces the frequency and severity of the migraines,” she was quoted as saying by AAP.

One in five people prone to migraines have an enzyme that doesn’t work as well as other people, she said adding “By supplementing them with vitamin B and folate you can get around that enzyme’s defect.”

Migraines linked to genetics are associated with auras, which refers to the experiencing temporary neurological disturbances such as seeing stars, getting pins and needles and numbness. See original post

Folic acid is actually vitamin B9, and is also known as folate. Interestingly, this finding combines two vitamins from the B complex, which is already known to have benefits for migraines. Hopefully the new supplement will offer more relief from the condition when it becomes available. Meanwhile you may benefit by simply taking a good multivitamin supplement will often contain these as well as other beneficial micronutrients.

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