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Get A Facelift and Reverse Aging Without Plastic Surgery?

Reverse aging: skin before and afterAging can be scary. It reminds us of our mortality, and causes our once robust bodies become frail. And, of course, younger-looking skin is more attractive. We know of celebrities who have spent fortunes and countless hours on plastic surgery, just to erase a few wrinkles. What if there was a way to do this without going under the knife?

A new supplement, known as phytoceramides, may offer hope to those of us who wish to look younger but don’t want or can’t afford plastic surgery. That this anti-aging remedy has been approved by the FDA means it is legit. It has even been featured on the Dr. Oz show.

Special guest Leif Rogers, MD and plastic surgeon explains that ceramides are something that we lose in our skin as we age and that it is responsible for helping keep the skin moisturized and plumped up when we are younger. The ceramide replacement therapy he recommends for patients wanting to look younger is available for consumers in a plant-derived formulation known as “phytoceramides” in skin care products.

“Ceramides have been in topical solutions for many years,” say Dr. Rogers. “And the oral forms have been available in Asia and Japan for quite a number of years. Just recently, the FDA has approved of phytoceramides.”

Dr. Oz explains that how phytoceramides works is that the active component of the pill enters the bloodstream and makes its way from inside the body, through the newer layers of skin to the older top layers where the skin is damaged with small breaks between skin cells. The phytoceramides work their magic by binding the older skin cells together more tightly like they used to be when the skin was younger. The result of the skin cells adhering more tightly to each other is that it prevents excessive loss of moisture from the skin barrier, making the skin plumper and less dry, which in turns makes wrinkles disappear. See original story

We cannot, as yet, reverse aging. But aging gracefully is still a good thing. I would rather be 70 and looking 50 than looking 70 (or more). If this supplement is as good as its promise, prepare to be bombarded with spam emails as with acai berry, raspberry ketones and the like.

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