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Fish Oil for Hair Health: Improve Your Hair Strength And Look

What You Should Know About Fish Oil and Hair

Fish oil for hair health

Should you take fish oil for hair health?

Really, can you take fish oil for hair health? A lot of people don’t know that the benefits of taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements (typically in the form of encapsulated fish oil) are not limited to enhancing cardiovascular health.

Omega-3s have tons of different benefits, and positively impact the human body in a myriad of ways. One of the least well-known positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids is their ability to enhance hair health and beauty.

The Effects of Fish Oil on Hair

  • Fish oil can make hair appear more lustrous. This is because some of the fatty acids in fish oil are incorporated into hair.
  • Fish oil may help reverse alopecia (hair loss). Part of the reason for this is that fish oil reduces inflammation, [1] a biochemical process which can easily cause a number of adverse effects.
  • Fish oil makes hair more resilient and generally boosts hair health. [2]

An all-too-common side effect of aging is alopecia or hair loss. While fish oil cannot cure male pattern baldness or many other causes of hair loss, it can slow the rate of hair loss. How it does this is not yet completely understood.

Your Hair Matters!

Hair is one of the features we notice first about a person when we meet them for the first time. Good hair tends to make a good impression. Unfortunately, bald individuals tend to be stigmatized for no fault of their own. It is the reason many bald men shave their head clean: to make something generally viewed negatively appear “cool”.

Good hair is associated with good health and youth. Maintaining a decent hairline as you age may not improve your health, but it will help you to look like you are in excellent health.

Taking fish oil for hair health may even help you advance in your career. It’s no secret that individuals tend to be promoted not just based on their skills and qualifications, but also their personal appearance.

Bosses frequently want to promote people that appear “right” for the job. Yes, what lies inside is may be more important than what is on top, but it is the world we live in. Although they rarely mention it, personal appearance is something they usually pay close attention to.

Using Fish Oil to Boost Your Hair

Unlike a lot of other supplements used to ameliorate alopecia, fish oil is not applied topically. Instead, it is taken orally. Depending on various aspects such as age, weight, gender as well as health needs, most people take between one and four grams of fish oil a day. [3]

If you start taking fish oil for hair and after about 30 days you do not notice improvement, try increasing the dose to two grams a day. Working with a doctor is always advised.

Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil is generally very well tolerated. You can can take up to four grams of fish oil a day (and maybe more) and experience no side effects. This is presuming you are taking a good quality fish oil supplement. A minority of fish oil users may experience trivial side effects, but the odds are that you won’t be one of them.

Vitamins and Hair Health

To get the most out of the positive effects of fish oil on your hair, don’t just take fish oil for hair health. Take a standard multivitamin as well. Your body will be able to more effectively utilize the fish oil if it has all the nutrients it needs to perform at its best. Fish oil and vitamins are a winning combination that improves hair health and appearance in most individuals.


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