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Fat Loss Diet: Low Fat, Low Carb Or Low Glycemic? (Video)

Which Weight Loss Diet Works Best?

We have heard it all. Okay, may be not as they will always come up with some new diet that promises to help us to lose weight. But among those with “staying” power are low fat, low carb and low glycemic diets. So, which one works best?

A recent study looked at the three popular diets. With some surprising results. Watch video below:

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So, low fat does not necessarily equate fat loss? Not much of a surprise. Once, I was watching a TV fitness show and what I heard made me really mad. It was just one phrase, but it was rather misleading.

One of the fitness “experts”, a really hot female, stated that “if you eat fat, you will gain fat, period.” Okay, maybe it was just a goof (we all get one of those). But I couldn’t help imagining the millions of people who might have taken her words for gospel, especially since she really looked stunning herself.

Speaking of fat, the Atkins diet has been criticized for being high in fat. Yet, millions of people worldwide have reported that it actually helped them lose weight. (By “lose weight” we mean fat loss. We always try to make that distinction as not all weight loss is healthy). The Atkins diet is basically low carb diet. And speaking of Atkins…

Atkins Diet Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk

In a separate report, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. was in arms about a “study” that indicated that an “Atkins style” diet is to blame for increased cardiovascular disease among a specific female population in Sweden. Though the study reportedly did not use the words “Atkins style” nor actually resemble the diet, the company is demanding a retraction and apology.

It appears that BMJ, to draw public attention to its story, misleadingly inserted the false suggestion that an “Atkins-style” diet was used in the study, and omitted the conclusion of the Swedish researchers that diets similar to the actual Atkins Diet do not necessarily harm cardiovascular health. Atkins has demanded an apology and corrective action from the British Medical Journal. See original story

It appears that this is the media just being the media, and using words that are likely to draw most attention.

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