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Best Supplements For Muscle Growth: Can A Creatine and Colostrum Combo Help You Grow?

Ripped: Using the best supplements for muscle growth can help

Ripped: Can the best supplements for muscle growth help?

The rate at which you bulk up depends upon a number of factors: your genes, your diet, how and much you work out. The dietary supplements you take can also play a big part especially in speeding up results and pushing the envelope. So, what are the best supplements for muscle growth?

Most serious professional as well as recreational athletes are already doing everything they can to optimize their diet, sleep, and their workouts. The dietary supplements part of it can be a little challenging as choices are virtually endless and some supplements make claims that are just plain ludicrous.

All the same, fast muscle growth using natural bodybuilding supplements is possible. It can be done and has been done. Let us now look at two of the best muscle growth supplements, one that you most like have heard of and another that you probably have not.

Use Creatine to Boost Your Endurance and Build Muscle

  • Creatine is a compound found naturally in red meat. It increases muscle endurance and reduces muscle fatigue. Athletes supplementing with creatine find that they are able to work out for longer periods of time. This often translates into greater muscle gains.1
  • Creatine is unique among body building supplements because it is quite safe, and there is a lot of evidence that it really works.
  • The common practice of creatine loading is not necessary. The available evidence suggests that regular daily doses of creatine are the most effective at building muscle mass in the long run.
  • Creatine is one of the best overall of all the body building supplements available. Almost all effective bodybuilding supplements have some side effects. Creatine is one of the exceptions.

Colostrum Supplement Can Boost Your Lean Muscle Mass

  • Colostrum is a fluid secreted from the breasts of cows and other organisms before the true production of breast milk begins. It is extremely nutrient-rich.
  • Preliminary research suggests that colostrum enhances the production of lean muscle mass in humans.2
  • Athletes that supplemented with colostrum in a couple of studies outperformed athletes that did not. Sometimes the differences were quite significant.

Trying out a combination of creatine and colostrum is an ideal way to maximize your lean muscle mass gains. Creatine and colostrum are without a doubt the best supplements for muscle growth.

Creatine will help you to build more muscle during workouts, and colostrum will help you to recover faster and build more muscle while you are resting. As with all nutritional supplements, it is a good idea to start at a low dose and gradually work your way up.

While both creatine and colostrum are perfectly harmless, everyone reacts differently to different nutritional supplements. You need to be patient and give yourself time to see results.

For best results, you should couple your creatine and colostrum supplementation with a healthy diet. Make sure your diet is rich in lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants do not directly lead to increased muscle growth, but they do make the muscles repair faster. The shorter you can get your recovery times, the more time you will be able to spend in the gym, and the more muscle you will ultimately be able to gain. Even the best supplements for muscle growth aren’t enough to boost performance by a wide margin on their own.

In addition to making sure you’re eating properly, you should also watch your sleeping. Sleep is often overlooked by athletes – even athletes at the highest levels taking the best supplements for muscle growth. Give your body all the rest it needs, and you will more likely be able to perform at peak performance levels.

Gaining muscle mass isn’t always easy, but individuals that eat, exercise, supplement and get adequate rest are likely to succeed. Nothing works for everybody but you can perhaps try a creatine and colostrum combo for a few months and see how it works for you.


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