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Successful weight loss plan

A successful weight loss plan is mult-dimensional

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating: but you probably already know that. So, what makes for a successful weight loss plan that will help you shed the pounds and keep them off? Well, a change in approach may be what you need, according to one doctor.

First off, we are not in favor of the term “weight loss”. Instead, we prefer the term “fat loss” simply because it is in line with natural and safe weight loss. An emaciated person obviously is not an overweight one, but may not be a healthy one either. But we shall use the “w” term in this case for practical purposes.

In his extra-ordinary article, Dr. Scott Rollins begins by stating that physicians get requests for weight loss scripts all the time. Phentermine, a synthetic appetite suppressant, is one of the most frequently requested substances. However, Dr. Rollins asserts, a natural supplements work well while also being in tune with our body’s’ systems. But there is more.

You see, one of the mistakes we make is approaching weight loss with a certain mind-set. You know, seeking out the single thing that will just melt the fat off like magic. Usually, this doesn’t work and if it does it may be only a while before all that weight comes back.

A multi-dimensional approach is the better way to go to ensure lasting success. This means attacking the weight from various angles including appetite control, metabolism, cravings and hormone control.

Here are some excerpts from Dr. Rollins article:


Believe it not, most people who are overweight have some degree of nutrient deficiencies. This is partly due to eating calorie-dense and nutrient-deficient foods but also due to impaired absorption of nutrients.


Getting off the roller coaster of craving/reward with certain foods is critical to healthy diet and weight.

High cortisol from stress or inflammation in the body will cause high blood sugar and weight to accumulate around the belly.

There are a few appetite suppressants we recommend for those who struggle with portion size.


Anything that helps get the cellular machinery moving more efficiently can increase metabolism and increase the burning of calories as energy. Many of the above recommendations that add nutrients and improve gut function will help metabolism.

If you are working on weight loss and already eating well and exercising, then adding some targeted supplements that work with natural metabolic systems may help you reach your weight goals.

We recommend that you read the full article (above are just excerpts) as Dr. Rollins offers a few valuable tips and even names a few supplements that you can try. For those who may need further information, there is a number there that you can call.

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