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Mamas And Papas, Fish Oil Makes Smarter Babies

Fish oil supplements

It looks like we do have a little hand in our kids abilities after all. It may just be a little one, but it can make a huge difference. Remember just one IQ point could spell the difference between genius and the rest of us. Fish oil could not only help make that point in babies, or get closer, it can benefit other abilities such as sports too.

In the first study involving 109 infants and their mothers, higher cord blood levels of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid from fish oil) was found to be associated with more optimal visual, cognitive, and motor development in infants during the first year after birth. The authors concluded that there is a “..need for substantial increases in this critically important fatty acid during the third trimester spurt of synaptogenesis (brain connection formation) in brain and photoreceptor development.”

The second study, which was placebo controlled, looked at visual acuity and found that even low dose fish oil supplementation during pregnancy resulted in the babies having better vision.

The third study also showed higher fish intake was associated with smarter babies, but in this study a bit of the effect was cancelled out if the hair mercury levels were high. This is why even though nutrition from food is usually the best source, during pregnancy it may be best to get the fish oil instead of the fish. In addition to making a smarter baby, the fish oil (at 4 gm a day) was shown to be safe in pregnancy. See the original post at Psychology Today

Indeed, the benefits of fish oil can be profound especially for pregnant moms and babies. Eating fish for these groups may not be the best way to go due to concerns of mercury, lead and other toxins. This is why a good fish oil supplement is recommended.

Of course, there is a risk involved in giving babies and young children a fish oil pill, which is why they have sweetened liquid and chewable supplements. No matter the age, always look for a supplement with high DHA levels. It should also be of the highest purity level possible.

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