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Finally, A Natural Treatment For Hair Loss That Works?

There is no arguing that hair is a big part of a woman’s beauty. It is therefore understandable that hair loss in women can be extremely distressing. This is what happened to one woman, who then went on to find a natural treatment for hair loss. Her search, it appears, was a success and just might help both men and women.

Now, no one thing can work for everybody, and the different causes for hair loss need to be known as some are irreversible (sorry). In the case of Stacy Cox, her hair loss appeared to have been caused by stress. Indeed, stress is one of the main causes of loss of hair also known as alopecia.

In Cox’s case, she began noticing chunks of hair falling out around the crown of her head when she took showers.

She began taking a variety of pills such as biotin supplements and horsetail extract, trying to curtail the problem. And then she found a pill that offered everything she was looking for in a single form.

Viviscal is an all-natural supplement with ingredients such as AminoMar C Marine Complex that is proprietary to the company, horsetail extract, vitamin C and other antioxidants and proteins that help strengthen hair and support hair growth.

Using the supplement, her hair grew back and she was so pleased with the results she continues taking it twice a day.

“As an aesthetician, I’m encouraging my clients to stay on the supplement because of so many, I’m finding, far-reaching benefits by taking all of the antioxidants and proteins involved in the ingredients,” Cox said.

“My nails have never been longer, which for an aesthetician is terrible so I’m constantly getting manicures. My hair looks back to what I normally look like. And my skin looks great. And again, this is an all-natural product and that’s really important.”

Though the company conducted its own clinical trials to prove Viviscal’s efficiency, Ablon wanted her own proof.

She brought the product into her office about a year ago, began using it on a few patients and saw phenomenal results, she says.

Ablon then decided to do her own study. Currently five months into the process, she says the three-month data is unheard of.

“We’re seeing over 100 percent hair growth where patients were actually counting the hairs, say (they start) at 200 to 300, they are seeing 400 to 600 after the three months,” Ablon said. “So it’s really dramatic and it’s all statistically significant and our patients are thrilled. We even have twins in the study and one is actually on the placebo and one is not and you can see a huge difference.”

Ablon’s study includes men and women ranging in age from 20 to 70. She adds that there have been no side effects or adverse events at all. See original story

Many natural hair loss treatments have come and gone, but Viviscal appears promising. So much so that it can be hard to find and is currently on back-order. And the good thing is, you don’t have to take multiple pills at a time. You just take two tablets a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Thanks to Stacy Cox, an aesthetician and beauty consultant, for conducting real tests as opposed to simply offering anecdotal evidence.

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