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Now New Product Joins The Ranks Of Top Pre-Workout Supplements

Energy, focus, stamina… the prerequisites of a great workout. And great workouts mean better results. Pre-workout supplements are getting more and more popular. One of the top pre-workout supplements is a new kid on the block. Typically, it can take years for a bodybuilding supplements or any sports supplement for that matter to gain the trust of users. This is one appears to be one of the few exceptions.

And looking at the ingredients, it is not hard to discern why Cellucor C4 Extreme is taking the bodybuilding world by storm. It contains several compounds that make for a good pre-workout supplement. These include creatine (in the form of creatine nitrate), arginine AKG, l-tyrosine, NO3, and caffeine, among other ingredients.

Cellucor announced today on the company’s Twitter that their best-selling pre-workout, C4 Extreme, is now a Top 10 selling product on The announcement comes only a year after the product’s official release and is considered a major accomplishment by industry insiders and consumers.

C4 Extreme is a muscle building pre-workout supplement that supports intense training with premier energy, focus and endurance ingredients. C4 Extreme utilizes unmatched NO3 technology, an ultra-efficient fusion of Creatine and Nitric Acid to support blood flow to the muscles, promoting bigger ‘muscle pumps’ and nutrient delivery, ultimately supporting lean muscle mass gains.

Since the product’s January 2011 launch, C4 Extreme has exploded onto the sports nutrition scene, receiving numerous honors, including nominations for the prestigious Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year and Muscle Building Supplement of the Year awards from

As of today, C4 Extreme has climbed to Number 9 of the top-selling product rankings on, cementing the popular, muscle-building pre-workout as a true category leader. Rankings are based on total unit quantities sold. See original post

That this product has joined the ranks of top pre-workout supplements so quickly can only mean one thing: it is working, a big number of people think it’s working. The bodybuilding crowd is an extremely results oriented one. Hopefully, the makers will maintain quality even as sales soar. This is where many fail.

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