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Most Medically Advanced Supplements From Europe Now In The US

There is a common fallacy even among the “experts” about nutritional supplements. This is that high quality supplements can only come from big brand names. Yet even some brand name products have been found to not meet quality expectations as in the recent findings regarding fish oil. Mass produced supplements are not always the best.

Granted, big names have more to lose so it is in their best interest to keep quality consistent. But it does not always work that way. Some smaller companies can and do come up with superior products, albeit without heavy advertising. Some of these companies are based outside the US – like one that recently introduced their products into the (US) market.

Today, Doctor’s Natural launched its bold new American e-commerce site, For the first time, the most scientifically advanced, medically formulated nutritional supplements from Europe are available to health-conscious American consumers.

Established in 1989, Doctor’s Natural was founded by Dr. Bo Nielsen, a surgeon who himself was diagnosed with an incurable life-threatening disease. Refusing to accept his prognosis when doctors gave him only three years to live, Dr. Nielsen collaborated with research scientists at the University of California, Berkeley and other institutes to investigate a cure for his condition.

Their research revealed that oxidative stress was the cause of most widespread diseases including his own. This collaboration sparked the creation of the genuine, high-quality dietary supplements with scientifically formulated dosages of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients that literally saved Dr. Bo Nielsen’s life. The experience also made Dr. Nielsen an internationally sought-after speaker, consultant and leading expert on nutritional supplements around the world.

“In my travels to the U.S., I noticed many supplements with synthetic ingredients or insufficient dosages of natural nutrients,” Dr. Nielsen says. “So I knew there was a need for potent, all-natural, solutions like ours. I owe being alive today in part to my American colleagues who believed in my cause and helped me find answers. That level of dedication convinced me to move my family here from Europe. I want everyone here to benefit from what my own victory over illness taught me. Unlike the supplements found in supermarkets and pharmacies, Doctor’s Natural supplement therapies are tailored to individuals’ exact health and nutritional needs so they see greater results.” See original post

Which brings me to yet another point about mass-produced nutritional supplements. In order to turn or maximize profit, and make products look cheaper than the competition’s many large-scale manufacturers use synthetic ingredients and coloring. A multivitamin made from petrochemicals is not something I want to put in my body. Likewise, I don’t really care if the pill is pink or green: it is what I get from it that really matters.

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