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Frightening News About Dietary Supplements (Video)

Why Your Choice Of Supplements Matters

While many of you will almost certainly know Dr. (Mehmet) Oz, few would know Dr. Dr. (Pieter) Cohen. He is a guy that some supplements makers would love to have a put a gag on. At time of this post Dr. Cohen was expected to appear on the Dr. Oz Show that night, with some frightening news about some vitamins and dietary supplements, particularly weight loss supplements. Here’s a video that tells you more:

What’s in your Supplements?:

Shocking indeed, that you can buy “natural” supplements that in fact contain not just pharmaceuticals but banned pharmaceuticals for that matter. Not too long ago, one dietary supplements maker was reportedly indicted for selling a “100 percent natural” erectile dysfunction supplement that was found to contain a compound similar to Viagra™ that could cause dangerously low blood pressure when combined with certain prescription drugs.

What I like about Dr. Oz is that he is not anti-supplements; rather he educates us on the right ways to use them and what we truly need. And of course, he also reveals any known risks about the use of some health supplements as in the above case (as mentioned, the person in video above was scheduled to appear on the Dr. Oz show).

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