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Anti-Aging Supplements Becoming A Reality?

The fountain of eternal youth still eludes humanity. But most of us would love to keep old age at bay for as long as possible. We also want to keep our physical and mental faculties in tip-top condition even with the addition of the inevitable (as long as we are alive) extra candle on the birthday cake. Most anti-aging supplements are sham at best, but there seems to be a light at the end of the aging tunnel.

It might be possible to cure aging, say scientists who’ve found that lab mice get smarter and more agile as they age when fed a mix of nutritional supplements.

The diet and supplement plan isn’t a conventional “cure.” But the animal results at McMaster University in Hamilton illustrate how investigators aim to slow down the aging process to avoid the physical and mental declines that often come as more candles are added to the birthday cake.

At Prof. David Rollo’s biology laboratory, mice that ate bagel bits soaked in a cocktail of supplements such as B vitamins, vitamin D, ginseng and garlic lived longer than those not taking the special mice chow.

“If you put them on a supplement, they actually learn better as they age,” Rollo said. “They still don’t live much longer but their brain function is remarkable.”

The mice also acted like restless teenagers showing “spontaneous motor function” that fades in humans in a universal sign of aging, Rollo added.

The supplemented mice maintained their memory function in tests, such as remembering a familiar object. Their learning abilities were like those of very young mice, he said. Mice of the same age that were not supplemented behaved in lab tests like a frail 80-year-old woman.

Investigators turned to the cocktail of ingredients based on their suspected ability to offset five key mechanisms involved in aging. See the full story at The Huffington Post

Well, I would love to have the energy of “restless teenagers” of course without the often accompanying behavior. The feminists and others out there might not like the “frail 80-year-old woman” analogy though.

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