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Frightening Facts on Vitamins and Minerals that You Should Know

Nutrition has become a major issue in our world today. While dieticians and nutritionists would have us believe that we can get all the major vitamins and minerals we need from the foods we eat, the fact is that this is not the case.

Modern storage and preparation methods leach many of these vital nutrients out of foods before they ever reach the table. There are other reasons for our foods to be short on the vitamins and minerals that should be in them. Therefore, we are going to attempt to pass on a few facts on vitamins and minerals that everyone should know.

Unlike organic farming methods, mass production farming focuses on creating the most food per acre. This has the effect of rushing the growth of plants and forcing maturity so that food can be harvested sooner. The result is that the food items do not have time to absorb their full share of nutrients from the soil.

In addition, this mass production of food has depleted many of the trace minerals from the soil. Many foods that should be rich in vitamins and minerals contain less than half what they should at the time of harvest. Nay, harvesting green so that foods can be kept longer in storage further reduces the amount of nutrients they contain.

Pollution has added to this problem on several levels. Many of the nutrients in foods are cancelled out by pollutants in the water and/or soil. Others bond with pollution to produce new substances that are harmful to the body.

With all of these reasons for foods to be deficient in vital nutrients, the average diet reduces the availability of vitamins and minerals in foods even further. Almost nobody eats a truly balanced and nutritious diet. Junk foods and empty calories are everywhere and are often more readily available or less expensive than more nutritious alternatives. Convenience also plays a part in this problem.

These are all reasons why it is highly recommended that everyone take nutritional supplements that contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Many vitamin deficiencies have been linked to specific health problems that could be prevented by taking vitamin supplements. The same is true of some trace minerals. In some cases, deficiencies even affect one’s mental and cognitive abilities.

Now, it is important to note that not all supplements are created equal. There are some on the market that contain certain petrochemicals, artificial colors, and other additives that detract from their healthfulness. In fact, some are actually harmful to one’s overall health, though the effects may be cumulative and not seen for a long period of time.

In an ideal world, everyone would get all the vitamin and mineral nutrition needed from the foods they eat. Since this is not an ideal world, the next best thing is to take vitamin and mineral supplements that are made from all natural sources of these vital nutrients. Laboratory created supplements may not contain nutrients of the same quality as those found in nature and those may not be as easily absorbed by the body.

The choice of your vitamin and mineral supplements is extremely important. Now check out natural, organic multivitamins at multivitamin review and make your own decision.

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